Siân is a registered Nutritionist, and is responsible for the nutritional components of the large UK cohorts run by the MRC Epidemiology Resource Centre. A key part of this work has been to develop assessment methods to enable the characterisation of the diets of individuals in the general population. Her principal research interests are in the nutrition of women, infants and young children, and in understanding the effects of current variations in early diet and nutritional status on growth, development and later function.

Committee membership

  • Member of academic partnership for Health Development Agency (HDA) Evidence & Guidance Collaborating Centre for Maternal and Child Nutrition (2003-5)
  • Co-opted expert member of the NICE Public Health Programme Development Group: Improving the nutrition of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and children in low-income households (2006-8)
  • Member of Expert Panel (Food Standards Agency) to assess the effectiveness of the FSA Nutrient Profiling Model (2007-9)
  • Member of NICE Public Health Programme Development Group: Prevention of cardiovascular disease at population level (2008-10)
  • Member of British Nutrition Foundation Task Force on Developmental Programming and Diet (2008-10)
  • Member of Project Management Board for the national Dietary Survey of Infants and Young Children (2009-)
  • Member of Editorial Board of the British Journal of Nutrition (2009-)
  • Member of Expert User Group for the FSA Nutrient Analysis Programme (UKFOODCOMP) (2009-13)
  • Member of Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition Subgroup on Maternal and Child Nutrition (SMCN) (2010-)