Rowdy Yates is Senior Research Fellow and facilitator of the Scottish Addiction Studies group in the Department of Applied Social Science, University of Stirling. He has worked in the drugs field for more than thirty-five years and, prior to this appointment, he was the Director and co-founder of the Lifeline Project; one of the longest established drug specialist services in the UK. He has published widely on addiction issues; including an edited book (with Barbara Rawlings) on drug-free therapeutic communities, a handbook on the purchasing and management of drug and alcohol services and a chronicle of drugs, music, and popular culture since the 60's. He is currently editing a book recalling the lives and legacy of a group of European pioneers of the therapeutic community movement. He is the current Executive Director of EWODOR (the European Working Group on Drugs Oriented Research), Vice-President (Teaching & Research) of the EFTC (European Federation of Therapeutic Communities) and Chair, Addictions Advisory Group, Royal College of Psychiatrists (Community of Communities). In 1994 was awarded the Order of Member of the British Empire (MBE) for services to the prevention of drug misuse.

  • therapeutic communities and the self-help movement
  • drugs and popular culture
  • drug & alcohol policy
  • recovery communities and recovery champions